Monday, June 27, 2011

Foolish Girl

Innocent dreams, of a foolish girl
Blinded by a false sense of security
No control, no planning could ever make it be

One mistake, shattered lives
Body broken, beyond repair
Life forever changed, thrown into despair

Dreams disintegrate before my eyes
All I can do is lay and cry
Losing everything I've loved; what was once mine is gone

Can't repair the damage done
No matter how hard I try, how loud I scream
Life is harsh, cruel, and mean

I'm left inside a broken shell
Forced to live within my personal hell
Wishing I would wake from this nightmarish spell

My life is not a dream
Every day I'm faced with harsh realities
All I want to do is run

Devoid of joy, of hope, of fun
Surrounded by everything I want, so out of reach
Imprisoned in this lonely keep

Deprived of touch, of warmth and affection
Living has become it's own infliction
Every day, harder than the day before

I can't take this pain anymore
I long for everlasting sleep
I just want to be at peace

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  1. Hello Chrissy, I came across this blog through a Google search. You seem like an amazing person, and I can't imagine how tough your life is. I hope you don't stop writing, because it can be helpful to whoever comes across this site in the future.
    I also like how you don't shy away from being honest, even if it is depressing. You are very similar to Ron Kovac from Born on the Fourth of July. But I hope you can be optimistic about your future.

  2. Thanks :) Ya know, I really need to watch that movie. Ironically, I was born on the fourth of July. I've never seen it tough. I'll have to see if it's available on Netflix. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. RIP Chrissy

    Sorry for what you went though. I am in a similar situation I understand this so much.As one mistake has shattered my life you have wrote what it's like for me also..