Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life;Paralyzed Book Update

Hi everyone,

Christina's book is now available for purchase from Barnes & Noble as a Nook e-book. It has also been approved for the iBookstore, but has not yet been added to the catalog. This process can apparently take quite some time (possibly months), but it is being worked on and we'll post an update as soon as we have more information.

If you've read her book and liked it, please consider posting a review either on the B&N page, Lulu.com, or as a comment here. Please also spread the word and tell others about her book as one of Christina's biggest goals was to raise awareness about both spinal cord injuries and right-to-die issues.

Edited to add: If you have an Apple device (iPod, iPad, etc.) you can download a FREE Nook app which will allow you to read the book as a Nook e-book.

Thank you!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

A message from Christina's sister

Since a recent article was published there has been a lot of press covering Christina's death. In the process some articles have spun the information into something that it's not. My sister's death was NOT about her love life. Yes, she loved Jimmy. Yes, it was sad that she and him could not be together the way they wanted. However, her reasons for doing what she did were based off the pain and suffering she endured daily. Despite our family, her friends, and her amazing in home care staff trying to persuade her against her decision, she chose what she did. As her loved ones we chose to respect her decision, and support her the best we could in a very horrible situation. Christina got cleared by her therapist, her physician, and lawyer to carry out this decision. She was found to be of sound mind, and legally allowed to refuse treatment (through Living Will and DNR). As a family, we could do nothing, but support her. None of us wanted this for her. We all (family, friends and aides) tried our best to get her to enjoy life after her injury. However, she struggled with guilt over causing her injury, and the physical symptoms she dealt with as a result. This, is why she chose what she did.

Yes, there were mistakes on some of her distant family, STEP-Mother and Father's part that lead to a very rough recovery at first. This however does not shed the right light on the family as a whole. Her Mother and sisters (Kati, and I) tried our best to support her. Her father later mended his issues and supporter her the best he could. He visited her as much as possible. While Christina was in the nursing home I, Killeen, helped her setup accounts to help her able to move out of there and into her apartment. I also setup a trust fund to get her access to a van, that she eventually was able to buy thanks to donations made by family and friends. My mother and sister (Kati) moved in with Christina once her room mate at the time (her friend Steve) was moving out. We all who loved her TRIED our best to get her help for both physical and mental health. She was on medication for depression and anxiety for years. Please, do not think that the family, and Christina did not try our best to improve the quality of life. Yes, things were not perfect, but her love life was not the cause of her decision. Her family and friends were not the cause of her decision. She made it, and now we all have to deal with the grief, and side effects that come from that.

Please, disregard this article:

Thank you,
Killeen Snyder (sister to Christina Symanski)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life; Paralyzed - The Book

As Christina has mentioned on her blog before, she wrote an autobiography which was finished shortly before she passed. She left the task of getting it edited and published to a small group of friends, and I am proud to announce that her book is now officially available for download from Lulu.com!

It is still in the process of being approved as an e-book for BN.com and iBooks, which would enable you to read it on your Nook, iPad, etc. If you purchase it directly from Lulu's site, you will have to read it on your computer (you might need to download a free Adobe program as well). We were going to wait to announce the publication until it was available everywhere (which could take several more weeks), but her story seems to be getting quite a bit of publicity lately and we want people to be able to read the entire story from her perspective, as she wrote it.

If you're interested in purchasing the book now, you can do so here. If you would rather wait until it's available for your e-reader, please check back for updates!