Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I'm currently writing from my new iPad. I'm getting used to how to use it & how much pressure is needed to access features. Right now we have it rigged on a book stand & bed table. It's harder for me to press the top two corners than it is for the rest of the surface. I bought a generic capacitive stylus (Pogo brand), since Apple doesn't have one (yet) for the iPad. I ended up going to the Apple store to try out the stylus, before I ordered one. While doing my research on the device, I couldn't find any mention of being able to use a stylus.

Initially, I called Apple to speak with one of their "geniuses" about the probability of me being able to use the iPad with my mouth stick & possibly the iTouch stylus. The woman I spoke with said that most likely the iPhone/iTouch stylus wouldn't work because of the amount of sensors used in the iPad surface. Luckily, my brother in law is a tech wiz & encouraged me to try any old capacitive stylus. As the name suggests, capacitive styluses (do I need to pluralize that word?) some how mimic our fingers by altering the electric current on the touch screen surface. Other touch screens, like on Nintendo DS, respond to pressure, so you can use your fingers or almost any inanimate object. After reading a couple of articles my bro sent me, which even showed people using sausages to control their iPhones (I'm not kidding), I figured it was worth trying.

As some of you know, I've been looking into getting an e-reader for some time now. I'd read tons of reviews on Kindle, Sony Reader & the Nook, and was leaning towards the Kindle, when I first heard about the iPad. The more I read about the iPad, it seemed like the perfect choice. It already has all the positive features of the three e-readers (audio book capability, built in dictionary, limited web access, touch screen & the ability to share information) plus it can do a host of other things, that none of the e-readers can. Granted, the iPad is more expensive, but I think the versatility of applications justifies the added cost.

The iPad is not (yet) a replacement to a laptop, because it doesn't support Flash (program that online games, like Farmville & a lot of websites use), has limited multitasking capabilities and has no webcam. That said, the amount of things it can do is pretty impressive. I'm limited to what I can do o a laptop, because I have to use a mouth stick to hit the keys & control the trackball. The full touch screen of the iPad allows me to do a lot of things laying down, that normally require me to sit. Just being able to type laying in bed is amazing. I so often have ideas or things I'd like to say, but can't because I'm stuck in bed. I hardly ever have enough time in the day to write. I have to prioritize my time sitting up, so that I can be productive. Once I've answered all my e-mails & paid bills, there's little time (or desire) to write for fun.

Hopefully, I'll be posting blogs more frequently, now that I can write in bed. I'll write a more detailed review on my iPad, after I've used it for a few weeks.

-- Post From My iPad


  1. wow. this is really cool. I too am going to buy one. I have an iphone and there are alot of paint and art applications that are extremely good....so much so that even professionals use them. If u do do some art on the ipad u should blog them...i'd be curious what electronic based art you could come up with...

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying it, and actually got to try the stylus before getting too frustrated with the bad advice you were given!

    You know I love my gadgets, and I got to play with a friend's iPad for a little bit. I didn't have network connection when I tried his, but the video is great for a device of it's specs. I think you'd be able to watch a movie fairly comfortably on it.

    I hope apple comes up with a better solution for the keyboard soon... I really like Google's speech to text function on the Nexus One, but don't know what plan there are for the iPad.

    I'll probably send you lots of things I read about it (mainly the cool new apps that come out) in e-mail! :-P

  3. Nice, glad you're pleased so far with your iPad. Definitely will check in for the official review on it, kinda thinking it might be nice to have. We'll see though, for the most part my netbook works well. Looking forward to more posts! :)