Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Waiting for my Wings

I wrote this in my journal the other night & thought I'd share:

A perfect metaphor for my life is the life cycle of a butterfly. Right now I'm in a cocoon. During my old life I was a caterpillar. I went along, thinking my life was good. I inched along, day by day and envisioned my future as a caterpillar. I had everything my little caterpillar's heart desired, until "Wham!" Out of nowhere, I got sucked up into some awful cocoon. Now I'm totally trapped, have no control over how long I'll be this way and my entire life is on hold. There's hope that someday I might turn into a butterfly, but no guarantees. Two possibilities lay before me: I stay in the cocoon the rest of my life, or I get my wings and a second chance at life. The future is uncertain and I have no power to control it. For all I know, a bird could swoop down & eat my cocoon while it just hangs around, defenseless. Or, one day I might wake up and discover I have wings. My wings would give me freedom to fly and life would be good again. The worst part is the waiting; being trapped inside of the cocoon. That's where my life is, right now. I'm just trapped, waiting for my freedom.


  1. wow. i never looked at the situation we find ourselves in like that...that perspective is hopeful. i hope we all get our wings soon. :)

  2. Hi Chrissy,

    I'm sorry you feel so helpless, waiting. I'm going to read more of your blog to learn about your story and your art.

    I love that drawing (or painting) in the top corner of your blog.